Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tips on Choosing the Finest Australian Beef Cuts

Beef has long been one of the most popular meats to cook, not just because of its delicious taste and texture, but also its prices depending on the cuts that you choose. Each cut has a specific texture and taste, which is why some cuts are a cut above the rest! 

Beef Cuts
Different cuts of beef can be used in many varieties of meals that can be easily prepared, as well as serving those prime cuts that can turn an evening meal into a special dining experience.  Let’s take a look at some of the choice cuts of the nations’ most popular meat.

Australian Beef Cuts
Some cuts of beef are best suited to a particular cooking method, so choosing the right cut of beef will do wonders for your cooking skills, as well as bring out the best flavours in your meals. Roasting is a popular method for cooking beef as the cuts of meats have time to slowly cook in their own fats and enrich whichever meal you are preparing.

There is nothing like that crispy outer layer, followed by a tender meaty interior to set your meals apart.

Best cuts for Roasting

Roasting is the perfect cooking method for large cuts of beef and have the best effect on especially tender cuts. These cuts make for delicious meals that take time to prepare, but will live long on your taste buds as an enjoyable gourmet experience

Best cuts for Roasting

Some of the best cuts for roasting premium beef include:
  • Topside Roast
  • Rolled Roast
  • Fillet/Tenderloin Roast
  • Blade Roast
  • Sirloin Roast

Cuts of Meat for Pan-cooking

Pan-cooking is a great way to get your meat fix and offers a quicker way to sear and seal in those juicy flavours in the meat itself. This style of cooking lends itself well to steaks in particular and is a great way to get you introduced to high quality beef cuts.

Beef Cuts of meat for Pan-cooking

Some of the best cuts of meat popular with pan frying include:
  • Rib Eye/Scotch Fillet
  • T-Bone Steak
  • Rump Steak
  • Oyster Blade Steak
  • Minced or ground Beef

Prime cuts for your BBQ or Grill

As every Australian knows, you should always have a BBQ on hand for any last-minute cooking that demands a superb grill with a smoky taste. Some of the most popular cuts of beef that you should already know of are included in this section, and make for mouth-watering meals with little preparation time.

Prime beef cuts for your BBQ or Grill

The best cuts of beef for BBQ or grilling are often:
  • Fillet/Tenderloin Steak
  • Round Steak
  • Rump Steak
  • Silver-side Sandwich Steak
  • Sirloin steak/ Porterhouse Steak / New York Steak

In the case of the most delicious beef cuts to choose for your meals, well that depends on your recipe. You can make the most out of cheaper cuts of beef if you use them to their advantage, as many people have been doing for centuries with oxtail soup and beef tongue.

Beef cuts Portion
If you want to create something special for your meal, choose a beef cut that is tender and slow cooked to get the best results. Think of a specific sauce you can use with your main cut, and use salads, seasonal vegetables and other items accordingly.

With a little knowledge about how to best cook your choice of beef cut, you will already have a great head start. Choose a beef cut according to your budget, and use the remainder to garnish and plate your beef in the style it is intended to be and you will have a memorable recipe on your hands, and clean plates at your dinner table.