Friday, 30 August 2013

Buy Premium Meats Online For Quality and Convenience!

As the global and local communities get smaller (thanks to the internet), it has never been easier to do your shopping online. With many major retailers allowing customers to place orders online and having items delivered, shopping has never been easier and more convenient. Whether it’s for groceries, clothing or more specialist items that might be difficult to find in stores, there’s not much you won’t be able to buy online.

Castrium Master Meats is one such online supplier that delivers premium meats all over Melbourne at the best prices. We specialise in bringing our customers restaurant quality, gourmet meats that are not often found in your regular supermarket.

With great weekly specials on specific meat, Castrium Master Meats provides everything from top quality Angus and Wagyu beef, to aged Lamb and pork joints that are bursting with flavour. Unlike most supermarkets that stock standard cuts of meat, our premium product range provides great value for money and allows you to creating tantalising dishes at home for a fraction of the cost!

The Castricum Guarantee

We select the best cuts and deliver to your door fresher than ever. By ordering online with you have your choice of delicious premium meat delivered to your door and some great special offers afforded to your every order. Deliveries of your order will be made between 4am and 8am every morning to allow you to safely stock your meat before you leave home for the day, and work deliveries are available after 3pm for your convenience.

All deliveries come safely packaged in vacuum bags or trays which are placed in a sealed carton to lock in the freshness of your meats, giving you peace of mind and making sure your order stays fresh whilst in transit. Any order after 1pm will be next day delivered for your convenience.

With food delivery being one of the biggest growing areas in the online retail world, these services are becoming more dependable and convenient, as more is invested into them. Large supermarkets are getting in on the act and realising that many more people are willing to purchase essential everyday groceries online. Further, prices have fallen dramatically over the years to give you the best service at the best price with premium meats being offered without the premium price tag.

With a range of premium meats that are renowned their quality, Castricum guarantees the finest cuts at the best prices, so visit our website and find out how we can save you time and money today!