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What Is The Nutritional Value Of Popular Meats?

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With the many thousands of different diets and regimes making the headlines in recent years like the Atkins diet that asks us to cut out the carbohydrates in our diets and replace it with meat, many people are wondering what nutritional value the popular kinds of meats we eat have.

Is chicken richer in nutrients than beef? Let’s take a look at some of the nutritional value of the three most popular meats and a few meat nutrition facts along the way.

Nutrition Value of Chicken

With chicken being the most popular meat, it isn’t any wonder why so many people are looking for information about the nutritional value as well as the number of calories in chicken meat. Chicken being a white meat differs from red meat nutrition due to not only the type of meat it is, but chicken nutrition varies incredibly based on the way it is prepared and cooked.

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Whole chicken meat with the skin on contains roughly 239 calories, 24g of protein and 13.4g of fat which as you will see is much higher in fat and calories than if you simply remove the skin. If this 100g serving is taken without the skin, you will only find that a 100g portion contains 167 calories, 25g of protein and just 6.6g of fat. All figures mentioned are based on a 100g (3.5oz) portion or serving.

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Choose skinless chicken for a healthier alternative. This huge reduction in calories and fat content is due to the high levels of fat contained within the skin. Skinless chicken is therefore your best bet if you are looking to cut down on the calories and a great way to boost your protein input with little to no fat content getting in the way.

Lean Beef Is the Healthier Choice

Beef is another popular choice, taking the second place when it comes to our favourite meats. Known for its high protein content, how does red meat stack up against chicken for its low fat value?

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In 100g of lean ground beef you will find roughly 30g of fat which produces 250 calories and just over 14g of protein in each serving. As you can see, beef has a much higher fat content than that of chicken, especially skinless chicken, as well has having much higher calorie content.

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Beef also lacks a little in protein compared to chicken, making beef a delicious alternative to chicken when it comes to taste, but the humble chicken is still top when it comes to healthy eating so far.

Food value in Pork

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Pork Contains a Median Amount of both Fats and Proteins. It is the third most popular meat in many parts of the world, so let’s take a look at some of the nutritional value of pork and see how it compares to chicken and beef.

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In a single 100g portion of pork loin that has been broiled you will find roughly 14g of fat which produces 242 calories and contains 27g of protein. As you can see, pork is very similar to both beef and chicken in its nutritional value, containing a similar amount of fat to beef, yet a similar amount of protein, even higher than chicken.

Check the Labels for Specific Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of these meats may differ depending on how you cook and prepare your meals. All of this information was provided in consideration to a 100g serving of each meat, so take note of your serving size, how your food is prepared and cooked, as well as the important choice of cut of meat you purchase.

Check the Labels

There are many different cuts of meat that can be leaner in fat than others, so if you are in any doubt, consult your local butcher or meat specialist who will be more than willing to help. Fatty foods should be consumed with moderation, and any excessive or abrupt change in your diet should be met with a consultation from your doctor or physician.

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