Thursday, 19 June 2014

When It Comes To Health, How Does Protein Powder Stack Up Against Natural Beef?

avoid protein For a lot of bodybuilders and other gym fanatics, protein powder is a must. A lot of people consume it daily and the industry has really taken off in the last 5-10 years, as people of all ages have become obsessed with fitness. The trouble is, it can be very expensive in many cases and it’s questionable whether it’s any substitute for a balanced, natural beef based diet. Often the best option would be to use protein powder as a complement to an already healthy diet. The question is how much of a benefit does it really bring?
Natural Premium Beef 
Unless you're consuming exceptionally low amounts of whey protein, it's a given that you'll probably experience some kind of side-effects. There are plenty of studies, feedback on blogs and forums discussions that support this claim.

Some of the health side effects include potential liver and kidney damage and have even been linked to depression in some cases. Also, it has been seen to cause visual disturbances and is a relevant factor in limiting insulin levels. This is due to the fact that it contains artificial sweeteners, quite different from the sweeteners found in drinks and other produce. The fact that whey protein has a large portion of artificial substances in it should make you think seriously about how it affects your health and whether you can’t get similar benefits naturally in your diet.

A diet based around natural beef and red meat, apart from being independent of the aforementioned artificial substances, is considered more healthy for the majority of people. And when the natural, premium beef is delivered to your door for stunningly low prices, then why let artificial stuff take a toll on your body? Nothing beats a good diet of dishes like lamb cutlets, rib eye steak and sausage rissoles, all of which never fail to tickle the taste buds.

Right after a workout, a whey protein shake is the preferred option for folks looking to get buff, but some grilled lamb chops or some oven roasted dry aged beef will certainly do the trick and provide you with a treat after a hard workout. Ultimately, protein powders and other supplements should be just that as their name suggests – a supplement to a healthy, meat-based diet. They really can’t replace or act as a substitute to healthy eating habits. 

Image Source: Groundbased, Wordpress