Friday, 20 February 2015

Beef Roasting Methods

Take a chance right here to know of different ways to roast beef. There are multiple roasting methods but we will list out the best ones right here.

Roasting is actually a method to dry heat the beef. A small amount of oil or fat can be used as a baste. Usually, the meat is cooked on a rotating spit over a fire, electric grill bars or in an oven.

Roasting methods

While high temperatures suit a few kinds of meat cuts, the other are better roasted at low ones. Marbling, plenty of fat covered beef and lamb cuts are best roasted at low to moderate temperatures. Slow roast works best under 160º. Moderate roasting temperatures work best at around 170 to 180 degrees while fast roasting temperatures should always be over 200 degrees.


Roasting Tips

It's always best to take the meat out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking and trim the excess fat and silverskin. For good circulation and browning, the meat should be placed on a rack to roast. For resting after roasting, you should allow the meat to rest for 5 minutes (for every 500g meat).

What to roast

The beef cuts which matches with roasting include rib-eye, fillet, wing rib, rump and sirloin. Except the rolled rib, which can be roasted as well, all of these can be roasted high and fast (200ºC).

How to know whether your roast is ready


All chef's have a secret of success for knowing whether the roast is ready. So what is it? It's the perfect rare, juicy roast of beef and whether that's the one you've made can figured out by knowing how well the meat is done. This degree varies according to the size of the meat cut but how well it's done is always measured at the very centre of the cut.

Using a meat thermometer, you can be sure of how much the meat is done. Place the thermometer in a large cut of beef before roasting. Insert into the thickest part which is away from the fat or the bone. You could use a medium-rare beef eye of striploin. If the internal core temperature has reached approximately 60ºC, then you can be sure it's done.

There are other ways of knowing whether your beef is ready. You can test for color of meat juices or check the firmness of the meat using tongs. Try out roasting today. You'll find plenty of premium beef online pick out and prepare.

Image source: bubhub, bvfarmfood, intoday