Monday, 10 November 2014

Popular Meat Dishes from All over the World

OssenworstWe’re pretty nuts about all things meat here at Master Meats. In this article, you’ll find five different kinds of dishes from different parts of the world that we’d encourage you try or even attempt to cook at some point. Make sure you’re using high quality, premium quality meat in your recipe!

Parisa (South Texas)

The upper Midwest of the US calls this steak taratare "tiger meat" although it’s the same dish as the French original. The South Texan version is of a different colour however. A place where French immigrants s

Ossenworst (The Netherlands)

Dutch cuisine has been shaped somewhat by a traditionally heavy influence on fishing and farming. The Ossenworst was originally made with ox meat as a raw Dutch sausage which is where the name 'Ossen' comes from, as Dutch for oxen. The dish is flavoured nicely with spices like mace, cloves and nutmeg.

Mett (Germany)                                 
On average, German people consume around 60 kg of meat in a year. Chicken is most widely consumed however the Germans also leave plenty of space for goose, duck and turkey. Mett is a minced pork spread cooked with flavours of salt, pepper, garlic and caraway/garlic. The traditional way to serve Mett is to shape a lump of the meat like a hedgehog with pretzel sticks or onion rings placed in to form the spiny back.

Koi Soi (Thailand)
Koi Soi
Raw cooking is quite popular in many Asian countries, although the exact methods of doing so differs from region to region, country to country. Thailand is well-known for its street food and South-East Asia has its own style when it comes to raw "cooking". Similar to most other Thai dishes, the raw beef Koi Soi has fish sauce, fresh herbs and lime on top. When you've placed an order for a version of Koi Soi thickened with blood or bile, you're going to get what you call a 'larb lu'.

Kibbeh Nayyeh (Lebanon/Middle East)

Lebanese cuisine usually has an abundance of whole grain, starches, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood. Animal fats are consumed sparingly and red meat is very popular in Lebanon and other places of the Middle East. The Kibbeh is a Middle Eastern dish of ground meat, bulgur and minced onions which is usually cooked up into little roast footballs.
ettled in the 1800s. Parisa is a mix of bison, cheddar cheese, mixed onions and pepper.

Image Source:  wikimedia, theeatenpath