Thursday, 9 July 2015

From Sausage Rolls Recipes To Sausage Pasta - 4 Great Sausage Meals To Treat The Family!

Sausage Recipe
We all love sausages and what better way to rekindle your appreciation of this spectacular food than some of the greatest sausage recipes of all time. From quick, simple recipes that can make a meal from minimal ingredients, to a classy gourmet take on a staple classic. Here are some of the best uses for different varieties of the humble sausage.

Sausage rolls are an all-time classic in most households and many people buy the store-bought pre-made sausage rolls and simply heat them up to finish off the baking process of the pastry, but by choosing the right sausage, you can turn these tasty treats into gourmet finger food at your next big do!

Find the Best Meat Specialist

sausage rollMaster Meats has a huge selection of the finest sausages you can buy and are committed to providing the highest quality, they offer minced meat of all varieties so you can even create your very own sausage rolls in no time at all. One of the best recipes for sausage rolls includes seasoned pork meat with apple chunks dropped into the process to give your sausage rolls a tangy sweet finish for your guests.

Pork and apple go well together, so why not add a little cider to the mix to make your sausage rolls something out of this world. With a few teaspoons of apple cider (non-alcoholic if you prefer) you will bring a certain flavour and bite that regular store bought sausage rolls simply cannot offer!

Sausage Pasta Recipe

Sausage PastaSausage pasta is another great sausage meal that can be cooked up in little to no time at all. Simply boil your pasta, cut your preferred sausage into slices and gently fry them in a pan. Add a little garlic and season well, then sprinkle the sausage over your pasta to provide a hearty meal in less than 15 minutes.

If you want to make a sauce to go with it, why not try a little peperoni for added spice and add a thick tomato puree sauce along with garlic, thyme and basil to create an authentic Italian dish that will feed an entire gang of hungry folk!

Sausage Pasta Bake Recipe

Sausage Pasta Bake
Another simple sausage pasta bake recipe is to mix the pasta, sausage and tomato sauce together and place into a large, deep baking tray. As you pour the mixture inside, sprinkle some mozzarella into the mix and finish up with a layer of cheese on top.

Put into the oven for 20 minutes and wait until the cheese has formed a delicious crust. As soon as that crust is cracked with a serving spoon there will be gasps of delight, awaiting the first bite!

Curried sausages are very popular at the moment, and one of the best recipes for curried sausages has to be the simplest, too. You can use beef, chicken, lamb or pork sausages depending on your own particular tastes (even veggie sausages!). Simply skin and cut some potatoes into smaller chunks and boil, when they are done you can add them to boiled carrots, peas and the sausages (cut or whole) and place them in a casserole dish.

Curried Sausages to the Rescue!

Curried Sausages
Curried sausages sauce is often a family secret, but here is a tasty sauce mixture that works every time. Add together, fried onions, finely chopped garlic, a smidge of ginger spice, tomato paste, apple sauce, chutney and coconut milk to boil and sit back and smell the deliciousness!

With Master Meats, it is easy to find the best quality fresh meat to make some of the tastiest recipes for you and your family. Try something new each week by testing out different products and recipes, and you may find that your culinary skills are up there with the very best!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tips on Choosing the Finest Australian Beef Cuts

Beef has long been one of the most popular meats to cook, not just because of its delicious taste and texture, but also its prices depending on the cuts that you choose. Each cut has a specific texture and taste, which is why some cuts are a cut above the rest! 

Beef Cuts
Different cuts of beef can be used in many varieties of meals that can be easily prepared, as well as serving those prime cuts that can turn an evening meal into a special dining experience.  Let’s take a look at some of the choice cuts of the nations’ most popular meat.

Australian Beef Cuts
Some cuts of beef are best suited to a particular cooking method, so choosing the right cut of beef will do wonders for your cooking skills, as well as bring out the best flavours in your meals. Roasting is a popular method for cooking beef as the cuts of meats have time to slowly cook in their own fats and enrich whichever meal you are preparing.

There is nothing like that crispy outer layer, followed by a tender meaty interior to set your meals apart.

Best cuts for Roasting

Roasting is the perfect cooking method for large cuts of beef and have the best effect on especially tender cuts. These cuts make for delicious meals that take time to prepare, but will live long on your taste buds as an enjoyable gourmet experience

Best cuts for Roasting

Some of the best cuts for roasting premium beef include:
  • Topside Roast
  • Rolled Roast
  • Fillet/Tenderloin Roast
  • Blade Roast
  • Sirloin Roast

Cuts of Meat for Pan-cooking

Pan-cooking is a great way to get your meat fix and offers a quicker way to sear and seal in those juicy flavours in the meat itself. This style of cooking lends itself well to steaks in particular and is a great way to get you introduced to high quality beef cuts.

Beef Cuts of meat for Pan-cooking

Some of the best cuts of meat popular with pan frying include:
  • Rib Eye/Scotch Fillet
  • T-Bone Steak
  • Rump Steak
  • Oyster Blade Steak
  • Minced or ground Beef

Prime cuts for your BBQ or Grill

As every Australian knows, you should always have a BBQ on hand for any last-minute cooking that demands a superb grill with a smoky taste. Some of the most popular cuts of beef that you should already know of are included in this section, and make for mouth-watering meals with little preparation time.

Prime beef cuts for your BBQ or Grill

The best cuts of beef for BBQ or grilling are often:
  • Fillet/Tenderloin Steak
  • Round Steak
  • Rump Steak
  • Silver-side Sandwich Steak
  • Sirloin steak/ Porterhouse Steak / New York Steak

In the case of the most delicious beef cuts to choose for your meals, well that depends on your recipe. You can make the most out of cheaper cuts of beef if you use them to their advantage, as many people have been doing for centuries with oxtail soup and beef tongue.

Beef cuts Portion
If you want to create something special for your meal, choose a beef cut that is tender and slow cooked to get the best results. Think of a specific sauce you can use with your main cut, and use salads, seasonal vegetables and other items accordingly.

With a little knowledge about how to best cook your choice of beef cut, you will already have a great head start. Choose a beef cut according to your budget, and use the remainder to garnish and plate your beef in the style it is intended to be and you will have a memorable recipe on your hands, and clean plates at your dinner table.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Popular Meats?

eat meat
With the many thousands of different diets and regimes making the headlines in recent years like the Atkins diet that asks us to cut out the carbohydrates in our diets and replace it with meat, many people are wondering what nutritional value the popular kinds of meats we eat have.

Is chicken richer in nutrients than beef? Let’s take a look at some of the nutritional value of the three most popular meats and a few meat nutrition facts along the way.

Nutrition Value of Chicken

With chicken being the most popular meat, it isn’t any wonder why so many people are looking for information about the nutritional value as well as the number of calories in chicken meat. Chicken being a white meat differs from red meat nutrition due to not only the type of meat it is, but chicken nutrition varies incredibly based on the way it is prepared and cooked.

eat more chicken

Whole chicken meat with the skin on contains roughly 239 calories, 24g of protein and 13.4g of fat which as you will see is much higher in fat and calories than if you simply remove the skin. If this 100g serving is taken without the skin, you will only find that a 100g portion contains 167 calories, 25g of protein and just 6.6g of fat. All figures mentioned are based on a 100g (3.5oz) portion or serving.

eat more chicken
Choose skinless chicken for a healthier alternative. This huge reduction in calories and fat content is due to the high levels of fat contained within the skin. Skinless chicken is therefore your best bet if you are looking to cut down on the calories and a great way to boost your protein input with little to no fat content getting in the way.

Lean Beef Is the Healthier Choice

Beef is another popular choice, taking the second place when it comes to our favourite meats. Known for its high protein content, how does red meat stack up against chicken for its low fat value?

eat beef

In 100g of lean ground beef you will find roughly 30g of fat which produces 250 calories and just over 14g of protein in each serving. As you can see, beef has a much higher fat content than that of chicken, especially skinless chicken, as well has having much higher calorie content.

eat beef
Beef also lacks a little in protein compared to chicken, making beef a delicious alternative to chicken when it comes to taste, but the humble chicken is still top when it comes to healthy eating so far.

Food value in Pork

eat more pork

Pork Contains a Median Amount of both Fats and Proteins. It is the third most popular meat in many parts of the world, so let’s take a look at some of the nutritional value of pork and see how it compares to chicken and beef.

eat more pork

In a single 100g portion of pork loin that has been broiled you will find roughly 14g of fat which produces 242 calories and contains 27g of protein. As you can see, pork is very similar to both beef and chicken in its nutritional value, containing a similar amount of fat to beef, yet a similar amount of protein, even higher than chicken.

Check the Labels for Specific Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of these meats may differ depending on how you cook and prepare your meals. All of this information was provided in consideration to a 100g serving of each meat, so take note of your serving size, how your food is prepared and cooked, as well as the important choice of cut of meat you purchase.

Check the Labels

There are many different cuts of meat that can be leaner in fat than others, so if you are in any doubt, consult your local butcher or meat specialist who will be more than willing to help. Fatty foods should be consumed with moderation, and any excessive or abrupt change in your diet should be met with a consultation from your doctor or physician.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

How To Create The Perfect Burger

the perfect burger
The best burgers combine different tastes and textures and have a mix of sweet, salt and sour with a bit of crunch.  The bun needs to be sturdy but soft and the patty definitely needs to be juicy. Also, the bun/meat/accompaniment ratio needs to be even from the first to the last bite. You can add the lettuce, tomato and onion to your heart's content but leave out too much of the pickles since this one's a little controversial. The best burgers have a sweet tangy zing coming out of them.

A good burger doesn't fall apart after the first bite so you need to make sure that the size of the bun is well matched with that of the patty. A little bit off the scale can be acceptable but aiming for perfection is urged. In the end, it's all about balance.

The Bun


burger buns

Don't make the bun too crusty. Butter it and let seep gently through the bun. It' s good if you halve the buns and pop them into an over for 30 seconds to light toast and warm. A sweet brioche bun complementing the texture of the beef is recommended for use.


The Patty

a great burger patty
The best burgers are made from grass-fed premium beef or lamb. You'll find that the best cuts are those which are lean and fatty at the same time and gets a brilliant proportion to your taste. You need to season your patties well with a touch from your sixth sense and if you want to ride on a different train, then use salt and pepper, depending on the size of the patty.


The Cheese


melted cheese on burger

A slice of tasty cheese melted over the top of the patty can really turn things around.  As soon as the patty is first flipped, you need to put the cheese on, so by the time it's melted, the patty should be cooked.


The Pickles

pickles on burger
The standard rule is that a burger should always have pickles as they add a nice bit of acidity to the burger. Slice lengthways and lay on the top of the beef patty with some melted cheese and mustard.


The Onions


onion time

Red onions. Sliced or diced. Raw and cooked. Take it this way and you'll get that kick and crunch that you need on each bite.


The Lettuce and condiments


lettuce and other condiments

A burger has to have excellent condiments. The way you add them is entirely in your discretion but remember always to add mustard, good quality tomato sauce (preferably Heinz) and last but really important, lettuce. Lettuce is what gives the burger its fresh feel on every bite.

The perfect burger has the right ingredients in the right proportion. The perfect burger is guaranteed to get every member of the family smiling. In situations where a quick fix needs to made, burgers can heroically save the day. Since they're good for almost any occasion if presented right, they can also be healthy depending on the ingredients that are used in them.

A good burger doesn't fall apart after the first bite so you need to make sure that the size of the bun is well matched with that of the patty. A little bit off the scale can be acceptable but aiming for perfection is urged. In the end, it's all about balance.

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